Home Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning:
Schedule:  Weekly, bi-monthly, monthly. Bi-monthly, Monthly

Vacuum/ Mop
Window Cleaning

Come home to a clean house or schedule a Quarterly deep cleaning!

Real Estate:
Cleaning to make the home market ready. (Give your Seller the advantage of having their home professionally cleaned.)

Include professional residential cleaning in your Escrow as a gift to the Buyer. A nice professionally cleaned home to move in to.

Rental Homes/Apartments/Condos:
Move out cleaning include, appliance, window, profession carpet cleaning by a certified IICRC Technician. All the cleaning can be done in one day and all by one Cleaning Company “Alexander’s Inc.”

Differed Maintenance:
Don’t wait till spring to do you Cleaning. Call Alexander’s Inc. any time of the year and we can do the cleaning for you. Fast easy and affordable. Yearly Window cleaning, Pressure washing house, sidewalk and driveways.


Commercial Building Services

Alexander’s Inc. provides office cleaning, janitorial services to a wide range of facilities including: banks, schools, public facility, medical and health care facility and industrial sites. Alexander’s Inc. also provides real estate and property management commercial cleaning.

  • General and detail office cleaning
  • Commercial building janitorial services
  • Bathroom sanitation
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet cleaning (large or small)
  • Commercial Air duct Cleaning
  • Floor Maintenance services

Janitorial Maintenance Program

Alexander’s Inc. will come to your facility and will sit with you and discuss you facility cleaning needs.

Weekly or bi-weekly services

• Daytime Cleaning
• Zone or Area Cleaning
• Project Cleaning
• Specialist or Systematic Cleaning
• Skip or Deferred Activity Cleaning
• Speed Cleaning
• Gang or Seasonal Cleaning
• Cooperative Cleaning


Maintenance Service  

Professional Clean and Seal all types of flooring. Commercial and Residential

Types of Flooring

VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile)
VCT is most commonly used in commercial flooring. In new installation we can clean the VCT and then apply several coats of sealer to provide protection to the flooring. It is highly recommended to stay on a maintenance program (depending on the foot traffic) of top scrubs and re coats, burnishing to maintain the shine on the floor.

Concrete can be cleaned by using the latest state of the art auto scrubber, and by using the appropriate cleaning solution, we can seal your concrete. Sealing methods vary depending if the concrete is new and needs to cure or if the concrete is old in which it would need to be acid itched.

air duct

Air Duct Cleaning  

Clean & decontaminate air systems by a qualified technician

Alexander’s Inc. provides superior HVAC duct cleaning services. Many indoor air quality experts agree that air duct cleaning is an important part of any building maintenance program, and plays a significant role in improving the quality of the air we breathe indoors

 Residential Air duct cleaning. 

Air duct systems can collect unhealthy amounts of lint, dust, moisture, and other debris, which provides an ideal setting for bacteria, mold and insects to thrive in. For more information about the benefits of having your air duct work cleaned and sanitized.

Alexander’s Inc. provides Commercial Air duct cleaning. According to the EPS they have found that poor indoor air quality affect productivity.

Factors that Affect Occupant Comfort and Productivity

Besides the factors that directly impact the levels of pollutants to which people are exposed, a number of environmental and personal factors can affect how people perceive air quality. Some of these factors affect both the levels of pollutants and perceptions of air quality.

  • Odors
  • Temperature – too hot or cold
  • Air velocity and movement – too drafty or stuffy
  • Heat or glare from sunlight
  • Glare from ceiling lights, especially on monitor screens
  • Furniture crowding
  • Stress in the workplace or home
  • Feelings about physical aspects of the workplace: location, work environment, availability of natural light, and the aesthetics of office design, such as color and style.
  • Work space ergonomics, including height and location of computer, and adjustability of keyboards and desk chairs
  • Noise and vibration levels
  • Selection, location, and use of office equipment

Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing

We recommend windows be done washed twice a year, to avoid grime build up, Washing window by using a squeege leave your glass clear and streak free for best results.

Commercial Window Cleaning
Alexander’s Inc. uses the latest equipment available to provide top quality cleaning. Alexander’s Inc. uses soft water equipment and by using this system the windows dry virtually streak free. Allowing us to clean window that are sometime not accessible with a latter.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning 

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Hot water Extraction, Steam Cleaning Method

House – Commercial Building

Encapsulation Method (low moister)